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Palena Province has the greatest diversity of fishing in Patagonia. We fish large and small rivers, vast, 2,000 foot deep lakes and countless, reed-lined lagoons (many of them still unnamed). The closeness between the high Andes and the Pacific Ocean gives us everything from sea-run salmon to high-mountain brown trout – offering the visiting angler multiple options, methods and fishing styles.  And did we mention this may be the best place in Patagonia to throw dry flies for trophy browns and rainbows? We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer.


You can fish from the comfort of our fly-fishing friendly rafts, wade angler-friendly rivers and lakes, sight fish with dry flies for trout in our famous “aquariums,” or cast from boats along the shorelines of lakes that mirror the glaciers and jagged peaks of the Andes. Each trip is customized to your preferences.


Yelcho Lake
Futaleufú River
Palena River
Yelcho River

Tigre River
Espolón Lake
Malito River

Palena Lake
Las Rosas Lake
Noroeste Lake
Over 7 lagoons.


Rainbow trout, brown trout (fario) and occasionally brook trout. Also found in our waters are migratory species such as chinook salmon, sea-run brown, Atlantic salmon and coho salmon.


November to April

A Dry Fly Paradise

Our area is renowned for its spectacular dry fly fishing. Since the late 1960s, this little corner of Patagonia has quietly acquired a reputation among anglers “in the know” for its quality fishing –  in part for the sheer number of trout here, but mostly for the size of the trout that can be fished with dry flies. It is an unforgettable experience to hook a big, predatory brown or rainbow on an adult dragonfly imitation – an exceedingly rare encounter that is still common here.

List of recommendations


5wt and 6wt all round. Also for some waters, differents espicies and fishing performances we suggest 4wt, 7wt, 8wt y 9wt (ask to Matapiojo Lodge Staff)


Approximate number of at least 100 meters of backing.


Lines / Leaders

Floating lines / Sinking and/or sinktip (200 – 300) we suggest dark colored lines. Leaders 71⁄2 to 12 , 0x to 5x.


Waders / Boots

Bringing your own wader that best fits your needs and wading boots with nonskid soles. We recommend the alternative of neoprene socks between January and February.


Ask to Matapiojo Lodge Staff.


Clothing / Others
Recommend that you bring fishing technical clothing for rainy and sunny weather.
Polarized lenses.
Insect repellent (just need a few weeks in summer).
Photographic camera.

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