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At Matapiojo Lodge, we are committed to providing all anglers – regardless of skill level – with a high-quality experience fly fishing in an authentic environment in pristine Chilean Patagonia.

We work only with the best local fishing guides, offer high quality infrastructure and guarantee service that is personalized and professional. Our job is to ensure you have the best fishing trip of your life, and we take it seriously.


Chile is a beautiful and diverse country with nearly 4,000 miles of Pacific coastline on one side and the breathtaking Andes Mountains, reaching 22,608 feet above the sea level, on the other. Our country is safe for travelers with a stable economy and politics. Together with its excellent infrastructure and modern connectivity, Chile is both civilized and off-the-beaten track.


We believe that a trip to Patagonia is much more than its spectacular nature. Visiting this wild country means interacting with new customs and a unique culture. Matapiojo Lodge is committed to the development of communities of Chilean Patagonia. We work with local guides and offer traditional Patagonian cuisine so that our guests can sample the many flavors of our land. We practice fair trade and are actively involved and engaged in social programs.

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